"Damnatio Memoriae is a brilliant and provocative work that uses humor, parody and a deep-seated sense of justice to remind us of the multi-ethnic nature of the Roman Empire and, through that, to alert us to the loss of memory and to the historical challenges of our time."”–--Alessandro Portelli, The Order Has Been Carried Out: History, Memory and Meaning of a Nazi Massacre in Rome

State Out of the Union Book Cover“Perhaps no issue captures better what it means to be American than the contentious legislative debate around who can become American. Certainly, that question will be a major part of the November election, and into the fray comes an examination of the controversial policies and practices in Arizona: State Out of the Union: Arizona and the Final Showdown Over the American Dream by Jeff Biggers.”–Publishers Weekly, Top Ten Social Science Titles, 2012

Reckoning at Eagle Creek Book Cover"Nobody writes about Appalachia like Jeff Biggers. His voice is a swirl of history and memory, of fact and analysis, of hillbilly wisdom and journalistic outrage. Reckoning at Eagle Creek is bigger and brawnier than a memoir or cultural chronicle—it’s a passionate howl from the dark heart of American coal country."—Jeff Goodell, author, Big Coal

“Jeff Biggers’s inspiring book should be a best seller immediately. It is a ‘how-to’ book—how to assert your fundamental rights and how to speak out in the manner of the American Revolution footsloggers, whose descendants they are. Read it and your faltering hopes will rise.” --Studs Terkel
"A masterpiece of popular history...revelations abound.”—Citizens-Times, North Carolina
In Sierra Madre Cook Cover“An astonishing sojourn.”–Booklist

“… numerous unforgettable characters, and situations that only a traveler of this ilk could manage. Biggers is the quintessential observer, with the eye and voice of a poet.”—San Antonio Express–News

“The brilliant trajectory of Don West’s career as a radical Southerner in the hard-scrabble decades of the 1930s and beyond still glows like the tail of a comet. He wrote sermons and poetry that crackled with vibrancy, exalting Jesus as the revolutionary savior of the downtrodden and exhorting the least of these to rise up and assert their God-given equality. No Lonesome Road rescues from obscurity much of Don West’s published writing, and his words still resonate with freshness and immediacy.”—John Egerton, author of Speak Now Against the Day