In the Sierra Madre

The Sierra Madre--no other mountain range in the world possesses such a ring of intrigue. In the Sierra Madre is a groundbreaking and extraordinary memoir that chronicles the astonishing history of one of the most famous, yet unknown, regions in the world. Based on his one-year sojourn among the Raramuri/Tarahumara in Mexico's Copper Canyon, award-winning journalist Jeff Biggers offers a rare look into the ways of the most resilient indigenous culture in the Americas, the exploits of the Mexican mountaineers, and the fascinating parade of argonauts and accidental travelers that has journeyed into the Sierra Madre over centuries. From African explorers, Bohemian friars, Confederate and Irish war deserters, French poets, Boer and Russian commandos, hidden Apache and Mennonite communities, bewildered archaeologists, addled writers, and legendary characters like Antonin Artaud, B. Traven, Sergei Eisenstein, George Patton, Geronimo and Pancho Villa, Biggers uncovers the remarkable treasures of the Sierra Madre (Mexico's Copper Canyon).

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"For those interested in living culture, this book offers a treasury of anecdotes of the clash and blend of old and new."--Guadalajara Reporter, Mexico

"Jeff Biggers has the keenest eye in the business, and he has a fine, luminous voice to tell you what he has seen. This is a welcome addition to western and Mexican letters. Biggers manages to write like a poet, a historian, a naturalist, and an adventurer. His pages are burnished and alive, and I admire his work. You need to read this one soon."--Luis Urrea, author of The Hummingbird's Daughter and The Devil's Highway

"Half a century after the release of the film, Jeff Biggers brings home the true treasure of the Sierra Madre: its stories. Biggers weaves a tapestry of intertwined tales that sheds light on this little-known region. Warm-hearted and compassionate, these stories bring to life the Raramuri.” --Michael Shapiro, author of A Sense of Place: Great Travel Writers Talk about Their Craft, Lives, and Inspiration

Published and translated in French by Albin Michel, Dans la Sierra Madre.

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Au terme d'une année passée dans un village isolé, au cœur de la Sierra Madre, parmi les Tarahumaras, le journaliste Jeff Biggers, lauréat du prix Lowell Thomas, nous présente l'une des cultures indigènes les mieux préservées d'Amérique. Les «Raramuris», comme ils se désignent eux-mêmes, héritiers d'une ancienne culture précolombienne, constituent l'un des groupes indigènes les plus importants d'Amérique. La plupart respectent un mode de vie traditionnel et une philosophie empreinte de chamanisme, même si la vie moderne a mis à mal leur autarcie, basée sur la culture et la chasse.