No Lonesome Road

Selected Prose & Poems

Praise for No Lonesome Road

Edited by Jeff Biggers and George Brosi


“ A powerful and important book...West of the 20th century’s most important American poets and activists.”—Silas House, Herald-Leader

“The brilliant trajectory of Don West’s career as a radical Southerner in the hard-scrabble decades of the 1930s and beyond still glows like the tail of a comet. He wrote sermons and poetry that crackled with vibrancy, exalting Jesus as the revolutionary savior of the downtrodden and exhorting the least of these to rise up and assert their God-given equality. No Lonesome Road rescues from obscurity much of Don West’s published writing, and his words still resonate with freshness and immediacy.”—John Egerton, author of Speak Now Against the Day

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