Monologues, Plays

Damnatiocover3Author, playwright and performer of monologues, Jeff Biggers has appeared at theatres, festivals and universities across the United States and Italy. Along with original pieces, Biggers has also adapted several of his books into theatre shows, including "In the Sierra Madre."

Over the past several years, Biggers has performed and adapted "An Evening at the Ecopolis," his multimedia theatre show envisioning regenerative cities in an age of climate change. "Ecopolis" has been performed with various musical accompaniment at theatres, conferences and campus venues across the country, including Chicago and San Francisco, as well as cities in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Arizona and North Carolina.

Biggers has collaborated with Teatroaperto in Bologna, Italy, as part of a special international theatre arts project launched in the summer of 2014 on immigration stories, human rights and Italian history. His play, Damnatio Memoriae, co-authored with Carla Paciotto, was published by Wings Press in the fall of 2015, and produced at Teatro Dehon.

In 2012-2013, Biggers toured his show, "Welcome to Arizona Libre," to over 30 cities in the US, including New York City, Washington, DC, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Tucson, Phoenix, Denver and Salt Lake City, collaborating with Culture Strike and Mozambican singer Chude Mondlane, among other musicians and performance artists.

In 2010, his play, "4 1/2 Hours: Across the Stones of Fire," won the Greener Planet Award at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity in New York City, appearing at the Gene Frankel Theatre, as well as theatres in San Francisco, Chicago, Louisville, Lexington, Columbus, among various cities, and at Yale University.

Over the past decade, Biggers has often performed the work of Don West, the famed Appalachian poet, whose work he chronicled in "No Lonesome Road: Prose and Poetry of Don West."